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Apple Pay

Apple Pay Lifestyle.jpeg

Creating a contextual narrative for a payment service.


The challenge

Promote and educate that Apple Pay is the easiest, most secure, and private way to pay in stores, app, and on the web as well as introduce Peer to Peer payment feature.

The outcome

A new interactive experience for Apple Pay that is in parity with Apple new design language.



At WWDC 2017 Apple announced new Apple Pay feature Peer to Peer payments, which allows you to pay and get paid by friends and family directly in iMessages. It was important to help people understand the practical applications of Apple Pay in their daily life and also educate those new to the service on how to get started using Apple Pay.

To address this, we used everyday scenarios to emphasize how you can use Apple Pay almost everywhere. Besides, addressing the storytelling aspect, we also redesigned the existing Apple Pay page to bring it to parity with the new design language.


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