Everlane Bundle

In March 2018 Everlane launched new product category Underwear. To support this launch we were given a complex problem to solve. We had to build a new functionality that would allow customers to bundle products.


Previously Everlane’s selling model was based on a one by one unit basis. Introducing this new purchasing model meant that besides our e-commerce site, we also needed to take into account other digital touchpoints (POS, CMS, Emails). In addition, we had to implement a new return policy that was unique to this new product category. From research that paid marketing team did we learnt that return policy for underwear is even more important than price. New return policy “Try your first pair, no questions asked” gave customers a chance to try first pair of underwear and return it, recognizing the fact that our customers want to be able to try out the product first. Though this meant more work, our mission is to do what’s best for the customer.


Understanding the service

To wrap our head around this complex and intricate operational system and to better understand how different processes and teams interact with each other, we created service flowchart. To understand and visualize the mechanism of the service.

Service Flowchart.jpg

Understanding customer journey

After understanding the service flow, we mapped out key moments customers would have on when they shop on the site. The main flow consists of the Homepage, Collection Page, Product Description Page, Cart Preview Page and Checkout Page. There are though some pages that are key in the decision making process and the ones that customers have to visit in order to complete a purchase.

User Flow.jpg

Providing a sense of progress

To make it easier for people to know how to reach the required threshold in order to save, we added a progress tracker to the dropdown cart. Because dropdown cart is only visible for a short amount of time, we added a subtle reminder at the bottom of that collection page indicating that the bundle has started and how many items are currently in the bundle. Once the minimum threshold is reached a success message shows up and then disappears.

Desktop Dropdown Cart.jpg

Easy mixing & matching

We wanted to make mixing and matching across multiple styles, colors and sizes as simple as possible. To make this possible, we introduced a way for users to quickly add different styles and colors in their size to the cart directly from the product page. Once the user has at least one underwear product in their cart, other styles are shown in the color that is currently selected. These tiles change dynamically based on the color and size selection. This approach also reduces an extra click when navigation to another style’s product page.

Mix & Match Desktop.jpg

Promoting a sense of confidence

Since we introduced a new return policy specifically for this product category, it was important to communicate this in a clear way in order to make customers feel confident about their purchase. That’s why we added the message about First Trial right next to the Add to Cart button as well as a more detailed one lower on the page.


Results & conclusion

  • Bundling represented 95% of women’s bottoms and 45% of men’s bottoms units sold during the launch week.

  • Return rate for underwear was 5%.

  • Only 2% of CX tickets were around underwear and very few customers had any trouble with returns or anything checkout related.