Everlane Navigation


Elevating product discovery on mobile.


The challenge

Redesign mobile navigation to improve product discovery and increase conversion.

The outcome

A more visual and clear mobile navigation.



At the beginning of 2018, Growth team was focusing on improving mobile site experience and increasing conversion. As part of that goal, we ran a series of A / B tests across the mobile site to improve site navigation. During the discovery phase, we identified some of the problems people encounter with the mobile navigation as well as the opportunities for improving the overall information architecture.

Site Navigation.jpg

Making navigation more visual

During user research we discovered that certain category names require mental effort to find the product that users are looking for. To address this problem, we made navigation more visual to help connect products with the category name.

Growth Mobile Navigation 1.jpg

Making navigation more accessible

As mobile devices increase in size, reaching out to the very top to open the navigation menu can be a challenge. We wanted to understand if changing the position of the navigation will increase the discoverability and engagement. Therefore, we introduced new a tab navigation.

Growth Mobile Navigation 2.jpg


New navigation saw an a 5-6% increase in activation rate. The less tangible qualitative results were not as measurable but contributed to an overall better experience:

  • Improved information architecture and hierarchy

  • Improved accessibility

  • Reduced cognitive load for the users