Everlane Product Page


Designing a new way to connect with products.


The challenge

Improve product description page experience and adopt it across multiple products.

The outcome

More engaging and on brand product page that sets the path for future evolution of the site.



Product description page is a place where people can truly connect with a product and a brand. It’s a place where 34% of people start their journey on everlane.com.

Besides addressing usability and accessibility problems, we saw an opportunity to address users’ needs and questions specific to a particular product category; instill feeling of trust and confidence during decision making process; communicate brand values, look and feel.


Our approach

We started by focusing on the single product category first - shoes. The discovery phase included user interviews, existing site analysis and industry research. We also worked with the CX team to identify the most common questions and concerns that people have.

We launched a series of A/B tests to find the right balance between storytelling, brand and shopping functionality. Then we took those learnings and applied them to the product description page for a new product category—sneakers. While living under a new brand Tread, having shared elements helped preserve familiarity across the site.

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New direction

Everlane product description page

Everlane product description page

Tread product description page

Tread product description page



New Tread product description page saw an increased exposure rate for ATC and reviews as well as increased engagement with color selection. The less tangible qualitative results were not as measurable but contributed to an overall better experience:

  • Improved information architecture and hierarchy

  • Improved accessibility

  • Increased content relevancy

  • Increased transparency